Voice overs, podcasts & sound design

FROM £350/ DAY

£350/ day for the Podcast Room, £500/ day for the Voiceover Room (Sound Design), both including a sound engineer.


Based in the heart of Soho, Soho Radio houses Soho Radio Productions - an all encompassing studio, offering an array of audio services. We specialise in VO and podcast recording, sound design and Virtual Reality audio; delivering a fully immersive 3D audio experience.


Calrec C1 Mixing console, 4 x API 512 mic pre amps, 5 x Calrec stereo compressors, URI 1176, 4 x BSS mono compressors, Fairchild 558 Spring revered, Lexicon MPX 100, Aira Analogue delay, Yamaha NS10 with Sub, Focal 50’s, Genelecs 8020c’s, 5.1 Genelecs 8020c’s, Fender Princeton, Bass Amp, 1x Neumann U87, 1x Neumann 147m, 1x Coles 4038, 1x Renolds tube mics, AKG 414, AKG d19, Shure SM58/SM57/SM7, Calrec CM652, 1960’s Sonor drum kit, 1970’s Premier Drum kit, Ludwig Acrolite snare, Ludwig Superphonic,  Slingerland Snare, Cymbals/Ziljian/Bosphorous, Honer Semi Acoustic bass, Columbus semi Acoustic guitar, Upright Piano, Roland Juno 6, Roland MPC 60, 16 channel Pro tools/ Logic/ Ableton/ Reaper, Fostex 16 track reel to reel tape machine, 1 x Grampian Mono recording Lathe


Soho Radio Productions are directly linked with Soho Radio, a unique radio station that soundtracks Soho’s melting pot of creativity and culture.


Past bands/ clients:

Sky, Mercedes, Audi, Google, KFC, Tesco, Andrex, Calsberg, Honda, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Lauren Laverne, Sue Perkins, Harry Shearer

Special Powers/ Skills:


Past records: 

Soho Radio Showreel

Soho Radio Sound Design



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