Solid grooves and lush productions

£150/ DAY


I'm a singer, guitarist, drummer, bass player, songwriter and producer. I graduated in Vocals and Production from the London Centre of Contemporary Music.

My studio is located in vibrant Hackney Wick, where I share a space with two other producers.

An incredibly creative hub, that allows us to share ideas and great gear.  My studio is fantastic for quality recordings of vocals, guitars, keys, percussion, as well as production, mixing and mastering.


Mics: RODE K2, SM57, Beyerdynamics M88, Sennheiser E945, Sennheiser MD441, T-Bone STC2000

Speakers: Focal CMS40, Rokit 8, Prodipe Ribbon 8, Avantone Mono Preamp: UA Twin-Finity 710 Keyboards: Juno, Transcendent 2000, Korg synthesizer, Roland

A-500 Pro

Amps: Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Deluxe, BluGuitar, VOX AGA Guitars: Gibson E175, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazzmaster, Schecter, Martin Acoustic

Bass: Fender P Bass, Spector Active Bass

Drumkit: 1975 Sonor, Impression cymbals

Software: Logic X, Komplete Series, Omnisphere 2


As a professional singer myself, I'm great at making you feel comfortable and helping you sound your best!

As a multi-instrumentalist, I'm very keen on solid grooves and spot on harmonies for a lush result.

I also work with a network of top session musicians and will find you the best players in the country...maybe in the world.


Past bands/ clients:

Rony Trio, King's College Hospital London

Special Powers/ Skills:


Past records: 


If I could, I would make everything sound like:



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