For forward thinking artists

£120/ DAY


A modern, creative space for the forward thinking artist.


Mics - Neumann U87, WA14 (Stereo Pair), NT5 Stereo Pair, R1 Ribbon Stereo Pair, ADK U67 Tube, HH10, Sure SM7B & many more.

Synths - Moog Subsequent 37, Dave Smith OB-6 (8 Voice), Dave Smith Prophet REV2 (16 Voice).

Monitoring - Focal Twin 6BE (Pair), Yamaha NS-10 (Pair), Acoustic Energy Subwoofer.

Recording Hardware - UAD Apollo 16 Audio Interface, UAD Apollo 8p Audio Interface, UAD Octo Satellite (X2), Neve 1073 (with EQ) DPX Mic Preamp, UAD 4710 Mic Preamp (with 1176 style compression), Art Headphone Amp 6, Warm Audio WA-76 (1176 FET Style Compressor), Warm Audio WA-2A (LA2A Optical Style Compressor) & much more.


Software - Ableton Live 9, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Large collection of UAD Plugins such as; Distressor, Neve 1073, Shadow Hills Compressor, Moog Filter and the AMS Reverb, but to name a few & much more.


We experiment with different sonic ideas and we love to push the boat out as much as we can to ensure a current sound is achieved that the client is 100% happy with.


We also have a huge collection of analog equipment and musical instruments from around the world available to use for writing, mixing, mastering and production.

Will & Jordan

Past bands/ clients:

Foxe, THISROSE, China Bears, King Kuda, Lorenza, Bran Mazz, UHURU etc.

Special Powers/ Skills:

We would like to think that our special powers are always evolving and improving everyday. In recent sessions we seem to have been creating some rather large sounding drum recordings, pristine vocal tracking and synth sounds from space...

Past records: 

If I could, I would make everything sound like:


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