Award winning records.

£245/ DAY


Award winning, major playlist securing, all-round great place to make a record.



Console: Amek, Tac matchless console 26/8/2, Euphonix Avid controller, Preamps / interface: AML Neve 1081 preamps x 4, Morbin Audio 1176 compressor (blue stripe), GML Massenburg 8200 stereo eq, Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor, Focusrite red 1 x 4, Drawmer 1960 valve compressor x 2, SSL 4000 bus compressor Converter AD/DA: Focusrite rednet 2 (x2) 32 in/out Monitoring: Chord SPA 612, Palmer monicon, PMC tb2+, Krk 7000b, Audio technica MTH-350x Microphones: Neumann tlm 170r, Brauner VM1, Audio technica 4033a x 2, Aston spirit x 1, Aston origin x 2, Se R1 ribbon x 2, AKG d112 x 3, Shure sm57 x 3, Shure sm58 x 10, Ev re20 x 1 Software: Protools 12, Waves bundle, NI Komplete 7, Melodyne, Autotune, Slate everything bundle, Trigger 2 with all expansions

Instruments & Pedals

Guitars: Fender telecaster USA x 2, Fender Stratocaster Japanese x 2, Gibson 335, Martin dx1, Martin J-40, Martin dcx1ae, Fender jazz bass, Fender precision bass, Status 5 string active bass Keyboards: Kemble upright piano, Roland rd 64 fully weighted keyboard, M Audio MIDI / USB controller Drums: Mapex pro m kit, Pearl export kit, Roland td 6 kit with brain Amps: Vox ac30, Bad cat Hot Cat 30, Vox ac15, Orange tiny terror, Marshall JCM 900, Tc electronic, 1×15 bass combo, Hartke HA 3500 Pedals: Fulltone ocd, King of klone, Elextro harmonix HOG mk1, Blackstar ht dual, Artec analogue delay x 2, Boss expression pedal, Electro harmonix big muff


We're consistently achieving playlists on Radio 1 and 2 on shoe string budgets.

Jamie & Alex

Past bands/ clients:

Lucy Rose, Razorlight, Scouting for girls, Slowlights Bloxx, Moxie Kicks

Special Powers/ Skills:


Past records: 


If I could, I would make everything sound like:


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