Get creative with analogue sorcery

£100/ DAY


Flint Street Studios is all about creativity and vibe - whether it's writing, production, recording or mixing, we handle it all in a professional but relaxed environment.


Our studio has lots of natural light and plenty of room to think, and is in a fully detached building so noise is never an issue!


16 channels of simultaneous recording through a brand new Neve 8816 Mixer, with conversion and I/O being handled by an

Antelope Orion 32.

Mic pre's include 2 Neve 511's, a Universal Audio LA-610 mkii and a Tronographic Rusty Box.


We also have lots of outboard processing for that genuine analogue sound, including: Cranesong Falcon (tube compressor), DBX 560a, 2 x AM-25 4 band parametric EQs, 2 x Kush Electra EQs, TKlizer (stereo EQ),

2 x DBX 160x, Chandler Germanium Compressor (tube compressor),

2 x FMR RNC's, FMR PB-6A and many other little its and bits!


Monitoring is handled by an extremely accurate pair of Focal Twin 6be's.


We like analogue sounds - real analogue sounds!

Lo-fi or hi-fi and everything in between, our hybrid analogue-digital setup can accommodate it. But if you need phat, crunchy, in your face drums in particular, we're your guys.


Past bands/ clients:

They Call Me Max, Mudy Kicks, Sarh-Jayne Riedel, Mottled Gray, Hokum Tribe

Special Powers/ Skills:

Analogue sorcery

Past records: 



If I could, I would make everything sound like:



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